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80286 Build #2 (Intel Basic System Configuration), Part 2

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Initial PCBs Ordered

I ordered a set of PCBs to see if I can get the core portion of the system running on a PCB. The PCBs are ~$5.00 USD each. So many traces...

Episode 38 posted as part of Working on Interrupts.

Schematic as of 11 November 2022

Download PDF • 965KB

Source Code

I have posted my current code, as of 15 November 2022, to my GitHub. See x86/286-related/Code Snapshots at main · rehsd/x86 · GitHub. This includes the Arduino Debugger code, the Windows interface for the debugger, and the assembly code that I have been developing. The latest assembly where I am troubleshooting interrupts is here.

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