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386 DX - EATX Build

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Picking up from 80386 DX Build (, I am transitioning my 386 DX build to an EATX form factor, incorporating changes up to this point. This will be a running blog post, so check back for updates.

I start by getting the upper and lower PCBs connected with a pair of EuroDin connections. I also check how the PCBs will fit the EATX chassis that I am using.

Next, I prepare the upper PCB with capacitors, resistors, sockets, and power connectors.

I next populate the sockets.

First power on... no smoke.

Code running successfully, and using the Teensy-based debugger...

Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA) running...

SPI running...

VGA output and CLK2=24 MHz, CLK=12 MHz...

Priority interrupt controller (PIC) and an Arduino Nano to support keyboard and mouse...

IDE controller and FreeDOS loading...

Upcoming Videos?

  • Deeper look at signal quality

  • 387 DX

  • Sound card running on this build

  • New PCBs

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