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The Obligatory Gouldian Finch Post

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Here's my obligatory finch post:

I can probably work on the resistor values between the ROM and the LCD to improve accuracy of colors. Also, my utility to compress colors could probably be improved. (My color blindness does not help in any of this, lol).


Previously, I had a little bit of noise on the first pixel of each row. I cleaned up wiring. This did not help with the noise. I then swapped out the SST39SF040 70-4C-PHE flash ROM with an AT49F040A 70PI ROM. The noise is now gone. Also, vertical lines are nearly entirely gone.

Above, vertical lines are gone and the noise in the first column is gone. The lines that you do see on the image are simply from the iPhone camera (moiré effect). Below is another picture but taken from my Nikon camera; it is less susceptible to the moiré effect. You'll notice my Nikon camera picks up the colors a bit differently, too. Both photos were taken in identical lighting conditions.

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