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65816+VGA: First Moving Sprite

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

My first animated sprite (32x32) on my 65816+VGA system! While the video seems to show that the VGA capture is smoother than the LCD output, in person, the LCD is perfectly smooth and looks much better than the VGA capture. I'm guessing my iPhone doesn't like capturing 4K in low light.

As seen in the video, I am only running my 65816 system at 4.1 MHz for this test. When I tried 5 MHz+, the MVN calls to transfer from the ROM to the video RAM fail. My guess is that the ROM can't keep up. Later, I'll pre-load the sprite into either extended RAM or unused video RAM. The way that I have my video card setup, I am only using 60% of the video RAM; I can use the other 40% for caching sprites. I will likely build a video frame buffer in my extended RAM.


Here's the system running at 10 MHz:

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