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286 Build - Six Months In

Updated: Apr 8

I am nearly six months into my 286 project. While I started on breadboards, I am now at a nice stage where I have an ATX form-factor motherboard with a VGA card and sound card. A couple of months ago I posted 80286 System Roadmap ( I feel like I have made good progress since that post.

Schematic_80286 v0.60_2023-04-02
Download PDF • 1.78MB

x86 code from above videos: x86/286-related/WorkingCode/20230402 at main · rehsd/x86 (

Budgetary Bill of Materials

As of April 2023, I am estimating a BOM cost of approximately $240 USD, before shipping, and assuming low purchase volume. This does not include the Arduino Due or OLED debug screen; these would add another $65.

Download PDF • 437KB

Nex Steps

  • IDE storage

  • Support for additional BIOS interrupts

  • Graphical user interface

  • DMA support (coded, tested)

  • TCP/IP support

  • At some point, get some flavor of DOS running

  • Protected virtual-address mode

For more posts in my x86 series, see x86 (

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