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VGA Card for 65816 PC - Step 1: Basic Circuit

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Continuing from A Start to Video Output for My 65816...

I am working on the core circuit for my VGA card. I am targeting 320x240x1byte. Below is the current state of the schematic. For initial testing, I will store image data on the flash ROM. If I can get an image to display from the ROM, I will then begin to swap out the ROM with dual-port RAM (to which my 65816 will write). I will start building a test circuit soon.

What mistakes am I making? Suggested changes? Thanks!

Note: CLK connection on U21 is missing.

PDF Version:

Schematic_VGA Card_2022-03-03
Download PDF • 286KB

PLD Version

Schematic_VGA Card _PLD_2022-03-03
Download PDF • 161KB

PLD Config

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