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FreeDOS Running. Lots More Work Needed.

I now have FreeDOS running on my 286 build. In this running post, I'll add information about incremental updates I am doing.

In the following video, I begin to experiment with FreeDOS on my system to see what works and what does not work.

I then make some minor improvements to my BIOS to support a better user experience in FreeDOS. I also run my first C++ application in FreeDOS.

In the previous video, I had an issue where FreeDOS prompts the user during boot to press a key. At this prompt, FreeDOS should automatically continue if the user does not press a key in a certain amount of time. This was not working properly on my system, as I was not yet updated the daily clock counter memory location with a system timer. In the following video, I implement system timer functionality with a W65C22S Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA).

Next Up

My top three priorities at this stage:

  1. C++ video card library/driver.

  2. IDE write support.

  3. General bug fixing.

More to come...

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