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USB Mouse Add-in Card for My 65816

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I'm working with what I have...

  1. I have a 65816 computer, and I want a USB mouse.

  2. I have a 6502 computer with USB mouse support.

  3. I have some handy add-in card PCBs for my 65816 that support a VIA.

  4. I have an Arduino Mega with a USB host shield.

The result is USB mouse support for my 65816 computer. I present my latest freak of nature...

Essentially, it's an add-in card with a VIA on the front side and an Arduino on the back side. Riding on the Arduino is a USB host shield. I have the USB connection directed inwards, as I will mount a USB extension cable to the back of the case.

Details of my 6502-based USB mouse: USB Mouse for 6502.

And who needs proper mounting brackets when you have a hot glue gun?! :) Note: I now have the proper configuration for mounts for future add-in card PCBs. My latest PCB, a sound card I just ordered, has the proper mounting holes.

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Thomas Mottl
Thomas Mottl
Apr 22, 2022

Good to know. I'm playing with 10k resistors right now. But I'm also just trying to get a stable 1MHz board running first.

Apr 22, 2022
Replying to

Your comment appears to be on my bus resistors post. I think there are quite a few variables that will contribute the overall bus performance (length, PCB characteristics such as layers and planes, PCB layout, number of devices on the bus, etc.). Are you running into challenges at 1 MHz?

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