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USB Mouse Add-in Card for My 65816

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I'm working with what I have...

  1. I have a 65816 computer, and I want a USB mouse.

  2. I have some handy add-in card PCBs for my 65816 that support a VIA.

  3. I have an Arduino Mega with a USB host shield.

The result is USB mouse support for my 65816 computer. I present my latest freak of nature...

Essentially, it's an add-in card with a VIA on the front side and an Arduino on the back side. Riding on the Arduino is a USB host shield. I have the USB connection directed inwards, as I will mount a USB extension cable to the back of the case.

Details of my 6502-based USB mouse: USB Mouse for 6502.

And who needs proper mounting brackets when you have a hot glue gun?! :) Note: I now have the proper configuration for mounts for future add-in card PCBs. My latest PCB, a sound card I just ordered, has the proper mounting holes.

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