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Enough Pieces to Build a Game?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

I believe I have enough functionality in my 6502 system now to take a run at developing a retro-style game. So far, I have built support for:

  • PS/2 keyboard input

  • USB mouse input

  • Joystick input

  • Audio output

  • VGA output

I've never developed a game (much less on a 6502), so this will be interesting. I've just started experimenting with sprites.

So much to learn...

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1 Comment

Joe Plocki
Joe Plocki
Dec 24, 2021

This is so awesome, and the speed with which you put it together is impressive. Looks like you've got enough to start gaming!

I'm particularly interested in your USB mouse setup, and the audio output. I haven't given any thought at all to audio since I found that nobody makes FM synthesizer chips anymore :/, but the reality is, I only need a few, so I guess ebay it is. The biggest problem there is even back in the day, when I was sitting in front of one of these machines, I never produced any sounds through one of those chips that I'd want anyone to hear...

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