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Eater 6502+PS2+VGA PCB - Building Your Own

Previously, I designed a PCB for my 6502, PS/2 keyboard, and VGA. The design is based on Ben Eater's video series. The only addition I really made to Ben's work was to add room for additional VIAs (which you don't need to populate if you don't plan to use them). If you're interested in building your own, read on...

Disclaimer #1: This is a hobby for me. I have no formal education or work experience in this field. What I am sharing below is what I have designed and am using for my 6502 system. You are welcome to use the design files that I provide, modifying as you see fit. The design files come with no warranty. I suggest you validate all aspects of the design prior to purchasing your own PCBs, ordering parts, etc.

Disclaimer #2: I have high confidence that there are bugs, quirks, issues, and plenty of room for improvement in my design.

If you identify issues with the design or have suggestions for improvement, please drop me a note. I will do my best to incorporate improvements.

The current versions of my design files are available below, including Gerber files. The design files were built in EasyEDA (V6.5.1 most recently). Realistically, you are going to want to have the project open in EasyEDA as you build the PCB, allowing you to verify connections, components, etc. The silkscreen on the PCB will provide some guidance, but is not comprehensive.

Download PDF • 713KB
Download ZIP • 2.33MB
Download ZIP • 2.24MB

I have not prepared a bill of materials, but most of it can be found on Ben's website. As of May, 2022, a set of five PCBs (four-layer) cost approximately $64 from JLCPCB.

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