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Building an Assembler for My 16-bit Processor

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I have started building an assembler for my 16-bit processor (prototyping in VHDL, later will implement in hardware). Initial assembler working:

I will continue to build out this assembler as I add additional instructions to my processor and have a need for additional assembly code features.

I updated the assember to support variables and comments. I also added an output option for VHDL, so that I can easily copy the "ROM" into my VHDL-based processor. I have also added additional instructions to the 16-bit processor.

In the following video, I assemble some simple assembly code that tests instructions on my homegrown processor. I then update the VHDL version of the processor and show the debug output screen running the assembled program (from the FPGA).

Building a more complex set of code:

More to come...

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