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65816 Build Update: Moving to Solderable Prototype Boards for the "Core"

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Previously, I was able to get my 65816 working with ROM and basic RAM. Since then, I have moved my address decode logic from the temporary FPGA to a flash ROM (which seems to be working well). While adding a VIA and LCD, I was getting a little frustrated with the wire management on my breadboard setup (see 65816 Build: First Code (ROM Running). Bank 0 RAM Working). I decided to improve the robustness of my wiring by moving my build to solderable prototype boards. Hopefully, in the coming week, I'll have the core running again so that I can return to the VIA and LCD. Below, you can see how I'm breaking things up. This core will be mostly socketed and soldered, with pin headers being used for some connections -- especially those that I know will be changed in the future -- and for connectivity to breadboards for VIAs and other add-ons.


Boards built and mounted. Now to complete the board interconnects...

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