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Starting something new in February: W65C816S build

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Starting in February, I'm going to take on a new challenge. I'm going to try and build a new system based on the W65C816S microprocessor. It will be a step up from my W65C02 system (initially based on Ben Eater's 6502 design). The W65C816S has an 8-bit data bus, 24-bit address bus, and 16-bit ALU, Accumulator, Stack Pointer and Index Registers.

My progress so far: initial parts purchased. :)

The single board computer (SBC) on the left will come in handy as a reference design.

Adrien Kohlbecker has been working on a YouTube series for the 65C816. This will be very helpful.

This should be fun!

Above: My WDC dev board with a WDC sample project running (LED light rotation).

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