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New to SMT soldering - Trying five different ways to solder a TSSOP-48

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

This is my first attempt at soldering SMT ICs. In this video, I try five different ways to solder a TSSOP-48 onto a PCB. For those of you experienced with SMT soldering, you may consider this video of the comedy genre. 😂

  1. Soldering iron and solder wire (this is the same recorded footage from 16-bit Processor Build, Ep. #4)

  2. Hot air and solder paste

  3. Hot air, stencil, and solder paste

  4. Hot plate, stencil, and solder paste

  5. Infrared oven, stencil, and solder paste

At the end of the video, I share my preferred method, based on this initial experience. I expect that as I get more experience with each of these methods, my opinion will change.

Equipment / Supplies Used

For the video above, I used the following equipment and supplies. I am not suggesting these are the best option for you (or for me) or how they compare with other solutions, but these are what I selected based on factors such as my budget, online reviews, and availability. Links are only examples of where you can purchase (I have no affiliation with any sellers).

If you have questions or suggestions related to equipment or supplies, please drop me a note!

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